What is our vision and what do we want to develop? Our vision is to achieve sustainable growth by creating and defining the best customer experience in our industries. As a leading rental and sales company, we supply aerial work platforms and international power solutions to diversified customer base in the Middle East and emerging markets.

What is our mission; why does Manlift exist? Our mission is to achieve the highest levels of safety, productivity and service through our staff.

Manlift’s strategy has three significant pillars:
  • The Manlift team, the staff members of Manlift. People is what the company is all about. Manlift’s innovative, international and open character attracts talented and ambitious employees. These talented people shape Manlift.
  • The fleet. Our fleet contributes to the best customer experience because an aerial work platform with the correct specifications is always available at the location and time required by the customer.
  • The customer. We are motivated by providing the best customer experience and by making it as easy as possible to do business with Manlift. 

What are the values and the convictions that constitute the basis for our conduct? Safety, responsibility, integrity, engagement and teamwork.

We provide our customers with the highest level of safety with each rental or sale. Our approach to safety is pro-active: whenever and wherever we see a possibility to improve safety or to eliminate potentially unsafe conduct, we act pro-actively to create the safest possible environment for our staff and our customers.

We assume responsibility for al activities that are part and parcel of our work. Our aim is not only to get our work done, but to do it properly in order to provide the best possible customer experience.

Our colleagues and customers can rely and count on us. We make all our decisions honestly and candidly.

We are experts in the work we do and we work very energetically and enthusiastically. We invest our time and energy to meet our customers’ expectations and if possible, to exceed these.

Manlift means teamwork, not only internally but also in forming a team with its customers. Together we look for the best solutions, possibilities and prospects. 

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