Boom lifts

Boom lifts

A boom lift is an essential piece of professional equipment for a large number of industries. Painters, cleaners and construction companies: they all use boom lifts in their day-to-day business. 

Manlift is the perfect place to rent boom lifts in different shapes and sizes. These machines are from renowned brands like JLG and Genie, all manufacturers of boom lifts who have earned their stripes over the years.

There are two common types of Boom Lifts:

Straight Boom Lifts

Designed to reach areas of height quickly and efficiently  straight boom lifts have extending booms that project straight out from the base of the machine and at full elevation and height within a round operating envelope with limited outreach.

In order to reach out, the machine needs to be placed further from the structure it is reaching over as there is no articulating joint in the boom section.

Articulated Boom Lifts

Designed to reach up and over an object, articulated boom lifts have one or even two articulating joints in the main boom enabling the machine to have a large outreach potential. 

For example; With an articulating boom lift , an operator can position the unit next to a house wall, raise the boom parallel to the house wall and then rotate 90 degrees over the roof which is a much safer method of access for roofers, painters and cleaners who would historically have used a number of ladders for a similar job.

Manlift is an international supplier of boom lifts in both diesel and electrically powered models. 

Diesel Power 

Diesel models are highly suitable for outside jobs that require flexible machinery to take your staff and equipment up in the air safely. They can be deployed in areas with little manoeuvering space and on rough terrain. 

Electrically powered

Electric boom lifts are mostly used in warehouses, factories, shopping malls and other areas where zero emission standards need to be followed.

Choosing Manlift as the supplier for your articulated boom lifts  is the best option. We are a leading supplier of access equipment such as elevated platforms, scissor lifts and vertical lifts for any type of purpose. Our rental fleet comprises over 1,500  aerial work platforms in all shapes and sizes. We serve any customer, from multinational to independent entrepreneur predominantly in industries such as painting, cleaning, construction and industry. Are you interested in renting or buying an articulated boom lift? 

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