Scissor lifts

Scissor lifts

Scissor lifts are typical aerial work platforms used indoors or outdoors when mostly vertical movement is needed.

Scissor lifts have relatively large platforms which makes them perfectly suitable for use in different types of industries, such as painting and cleaning which require space to move about. If you are looking for scissor lifts for sale then look no further than Manlift. There are plenty of good reasons to call Manlift for scissor lifts.

Firstly, all machines come in both diesel and electrically powered models. Diesel powered scissor lifts are typically used in situations that require a larger platform and a bigger lifting capacity. Also, diesel scissor lifts can be used on different kinds of terrain. The electrical scissor lift can easily be deployed both indoors and outdoors. The JLG brand provides three types of electrical scissor lifts for sale: the ES , the LE and the LiftLux electrical series. In addition, Manlift supplies scissor lifts manufactured by Holland Lift. These are especially geared to work at heights in smaller areas. Working heights vary from 8 metres to 34 metres which guarantees that you will find one or more scissor lifts to fulfil your needs. 

Another reason to select Manlift as your scissor lift supplier is that we invest heavily in new technology so that all scissor lifts for sale are state-of-the-art equipment. This even applies to our used models that are up for sale regularly. But that's not all. Because we feel it is important to work safely and efficiently at heights we founded our own training institution in 2006. Here we train employees to operate our machines.

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